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The End of an Era: Steve Jobs 2-24-1955 to 10-5-2011

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Steve Jobs, one of the  greatest Pisces visionaries since Albert Einstein, one of the first pioneers  in first personal computing then mobile-computing,   a genius, a historical figure of the likes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Mr Jobs died today Wednesday, October 5, 2011. He was 56.

The hard-driving executive pioneered the concept of the personal computer and of navigating them by clicking onscreen images with a mouse. In more recent years, he introduced the iPod portable music player, the iPhone and the iPad tablet — all of which changed how we consume content in the digital age.

With the risk of trivializing a human life into a mere atrological data point, Mr Jobs was one Pisces who stood above the rest.  As we as a world and as a species  move closer to the  Age of Aquarius.  An age where men and women of all races are predicted to be on a much more equal footing with each other, Steve Jobs shouldered a lot of that effort over the last 30 years.

Pisces Cat

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Does the Cat dip his paw in the water and eat up the unsuspecting Fish? No. This lovely couple has a happy beginning and equally felicitous ending. Pisces’ sensitivity blends swimmingly well with the Cat’s love of hearth and home, caution and modesty. The Piscean born in a Cat year will probably enjoy a long and productive career as a guardian of refinement and elegance. He or she is almost assured of having artistic talents and, moreover, can count on knowing how to put those same talents to practical and profitable use. There’s a need for social acceptance here too. This character wants whatever he or she does to imprint itself on society. In love, he or she will not be flashy or showy. They often marry quietly somewhere and live away from crowds. He needs tenderness and affection and gives lots in return.

For more about Pisces Cats please check out Suzanne White’s book at: http://www.suzannewhite.com/new-astrology/PiscesCat.html

2011: Year of the Rabbit according to Suzanne White

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In Rabbit years, life slows down. After the tumultuous and difficult Tiger year we lived through (or didn’t) in 2010, we all need to decelerate. Nature must have planned it. Give people a horrible Tiger year, full of war and pestilence, struggle, strife and illness. Then tender them a whole year to recover.

So let’s think of the Metal Rabbit Year as a 12 month long convalescent home for us troubled soldiers and hopeless cases. A recovery sanatorium for the unemployed and the over extended. Enter this Rabbit year on crutches and you will be comforted and cajoled, fed and clothed and perhaps even given a smashing new job.

Rabbits, you may remember, are sometimes called Cats. It depends on the culture. Vietnamese and some other small Asian countries use the Cat symbol. China uses Rabbit.

Whichever name you give to this peculiarly refined and prosperous sign, people born in Rabbit years are : discreet, virtuous, sociable, tactful, sensitive, companionable, solicitous, ambitious, prudent, tradition-bound and hospitable.

The bad news is that Rabbit people are also quite old-fashioned, a bit pedantic, thin-skinned, devious, aloof, secretive, squeamish and ever so hypochondriacal.

For more of Suzanne White’s article check out: http://astrology.about.com/od/suzannewhite/a/2011-Year-Of-The-Rabbit.htm

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Cats, Rabbits, or Hares: Oh My!

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Occupying the 4th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Rabbit symbolizes such character traits as creativity, compassion, and sensitivity. Rabbits are friendly, outgoing and prefer the company of others. They also prefer to avoid conflict. In confrontational situations, Rabbits approach calmly and with consideration for the other party. Rabbits believe strongly in friends and family and lacking such bonds can lead to emotional issues.

Their serene nature keeps Rabbits from becoming visibly upset. Because they’re serene animals, Rabbits are easily taken advantage of. Their sensitive nature makes them shy away from aggressive or competitive situations. They’re overall conservative and not interested in taking risks.

Classy, sophisticated, expressive, well-mannered and stylish, those born under the Sign of the Rabbit enjoy leaning about cultural issues and learning about people from other countries. Rabbits are most comfortable being home, and their homes are always neat and organized. Home is also where Rabbits prefer to entertain. Rabbits are conservative in their decorating tastes.

For more check out chinesezodiac.com:  http://www.chinesezodiac.com/rabbit.php

E Wurtzel on B Springsteen: Bruce Almighty

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When I was 12 years old, for my birthday my dad gave me an Ibanez six-string acoustic guitar, and my mom bought me guitar lessons at the local YMCA. In a short time, I knew a G7 from a C minor chord, I could pluck out an arpeggio and strum a syncopated rhythm. But it was plain enough: this was not where my talent lay. I would never grow up and be a rock star like my idol, Bruce Springsteen. But soon enough I had another plan: in Blinded By the Light, the whiplash of a lyrical Möbius strip that opened Bruce’s debut album he makes mention of “some hazard from Harvard”. This meant the Boss had heard of that university, which gave me a new goal: I would get good grades in high school and go to Harvard, so at least I would be at a college that Springsteen was aware of. That’s how much I loved Bruce Springsteen. Anything I did was good enough, so long as I could at least peripherally link it to him.

That is the personal history of this particular fan, and somewhere else there is someone labouring for the Johnstown Company because it was mentioned in The River, there is someone with a daughter named Wendy because she is the heroine of Born to Run, there is someone who works down at the carwash (where all it ever does is rain) because that’s what the protagonist does in Downbound Train. There is also a girl who comes back whose name is Kitty, a girl who comes out tonight whose name is Rosalita, a girl whose dress waves whose name is Mary. And, hopefully, at the end of every hard-earned day, somewhere someone has found a reason to believe, like all the people do in, yes, Reason to Believe.

My first encounter with Bruce Springsteen, at age 11, was at the 1978 No Nukes concert at Madison Square Garden, when Bruce debuted The River. He introduced this sombre song simply by saying: “This is new.” The room got real quiet, and in it he told a terribly sad story of a young couple in love for whom everything just goes wrong: unwed pregnancy, shotgun marriage at 19, unemployment, a collapse in the economy, poverty, until finally both are just dead inside. But no matter how bad things are, the song’s narrator and his girl can always take a break and go swimming in the river, the sweet sea of love, the refreshing well of life – throughout this misery, the chorus offers continual consolation in an otherwise continuously dismal dirge. But by the end of the song, even that’s gone: the river has dried up. But the singer doesn’t care: “Now those memories come back to haunt me / they haunt me like a curse / Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true / Or is it something worse / that sends me down to the river / though I know the river is dry / That sends me down to the river tonight.”

For more the rest of  Elizabeth’s article in the The Guardian,  go to:



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E Wurtzel on B Springsteen: Married in the USA

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BY NOW, no doubt, all of the five million or so people who wanted to buy Bruce Springsteen’s new album, Tunnel of Love, have already done so and formulated their own opinions about it. I don’t need to add mine, especially since anything I could say about this lush, polished and beautiful album would only add to the mania. I don’t want to encourage a new plucking of parvenus to roll onto the Springsteen juggernaut, a movement that in the last few years has already picked up every eight-year-old and his grandmother.

But, to be fair, I will say that this album is good–real good. Even great. Great in a peaceful, easy way. Not in the blockbuster, gangbuster, rootin’-tootin’, anthemic terms of Born In The U.S.A, terms that defy even the terms that I’ve just used. That album was larger than life, larger than Springsteen, and therefore it made Springsteen larger than himself.

If anyone doubted that the Bruce icon had become more puffed up than the well-muscled man behind it, they need only have recalled the comic-relief point of the 1984 presidential campaign when Walter Mondale and Ronald Reagan quibbled over which side of the ballot the Boss was on. (Springsteen, to his credit, refused to comment). And when the message of the title song got jumbled from vehement Vietnam-vet outrage to raucous jingoism, it was clear that enough was enough.

And it was clear that Bruce had to tone down the hysteria with his next step. He needed to release an album that was more absurdly anti-commercial than Nebraska to alienate some of the excess audience.

But that’s not what happened. What happened was Live 1975-85, last year’s most given Christmas album. I don’t own a copy of the collection because it makes me sick to think that Columbia has the audacity to release a five-record set of live material that any true fan already owned on bootleg. But clearly, good taste was not the point. The project was so profitable that it merited an article in Time Magazine’s Economy and Business section.

For More of the article check Wurtzel in Full at The Harvard Crimson:


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313 March 13 Birthdays

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1855 Percival “Percy” Lowell, US astronomer (predicted discovery of Pluto)
1858 Maximilien Luce, French painter
1859 Ivo Bligh, cricketer (Lord Darnley England capt v Australia 1882-83)
1860 Hugo Wolf, Austrian composer (d. 1903)
1862 Vasily Mikhaylovich Metallov, composer
1864 Alexej von Jawlensky, Russian painter (d. 1941)
1870 Albert Meyer, member of the Swiss Federal Council in the 1930s (d. 1953)
1872 Oswald Garrison Villard, American journalist
1875 Maria E G “Lizzy” Ansingh, Dutch painter (Caught Sultane)
1881 Balthazar H Verhagen, Neth/South African dramatist/writer
1883 Enrico Toselli, composer
1884 Emanuel Stickelberger, Swiss writer (Bluthochzeit)
1884 – Hugh S Walpole, NZ, novelist/playwright (Jeremy, Maradick at 40)
1884 – Oskar Loerke, German writer (Longest Day-1926)
1886 Henri D Gagnebin, Swiss organist
1886 – John “Home Run” Baker, hall of famer (hit 2 HR in 1911 world series)
1887 Carlos Isamitt, composer
1890 Michael Taube, composer
1890 – Fritz Busch, German conductor (d. 1951)
1892 Alec Rowley, composer
1892 – Janet Flanner, journalist (New Yorker)
1896 Dorothy Aldis, writer
1897 Marcel Thiry, Belgian poet (Statue of Fatigue)
1897 – William Herald, Australia, swimmer (Olympic-1920)
1898 Josie Sedgwick, TX, actress (Son of Oklahoma)
1899 Pancho Vladigerov, composer
1899 – Jan Lechoń, Polish poet (d. 1956)
1900 Béla Guttman, Hungarian footballer (d. 1981)
1901 Paul Fix, Dobbs Ferry NY, actor (Rifleman)
1904 Henry Iliffe Cozens, pilot
1907 Albert Hughes Williams, teacher/historian
1907 – Dona Maria Pia de Braganca, pretender to the Portuguese throne
1907 – Frank Wilcox, DeSoto Mo, actor (John-Beverly Hillbillies)
1907 – Oscar Brink, latinist
1908 Helen Sinclair Glatz, musician
1908 – Paul Stewart, NYC, actor (Top Secret USA, Deadline)
1908 – Walter Annenberg, Milwaukee, publisher (Triangle-TV Guide)/Amb to GB
1909 Gilbert Inglefield, Mayor of London (1967-68)
1910 Sammy Kaye, Rocky River Ohio, orch leader (Sammy Kaye Show)
1910 – Karl Gustav Ahlefeldt, Danish actor (d. 1985)
1911 Jose Ardevol, composer
1911 – L[aFayette] Ron Hubbard, sci-fi writer/scientologist (Dianetics)
1912 Ernst Hess, composer
1912 – Igor Youskevitch, dancer
1912 – James Friell, political cartoonist
1913 Sammy Kaye, saxophonist (Swing & Sway with Sammy Kaye)
1913 – William J Casey, headed CIA during Iran-contra scandal (1981-87)
1913 – Lambros Konstantaras, Greek actor (d. 1985)
1913 – Sergey Mikhalkov, Russian writer
1914 Carl-Olof Anderberg, composer
1914 – Tessie O’Shea, entertainer
1914 – Edward O’Hare, American pilot (d. 1943)
1914 – W.O. Mitchell, Canadian writer (d. 1998)
1916 Corinne Boggs, political administrator
1916 – Lindy Boggs, (Rep-D-LA, 1973-  )
1917 Ina Ray Hutton, Chicago Ill, orch leader (Ina Ray Hutton Show)
1917 – Maria Vlamynck, Flemish author
1917 – Tessie O’Shea, England, actress (Entertainers)
1918 Faye Glenn Abdellan, US government official (health services)
1918 – George McAfee, NFL halfback (Chicago Bears)
1920 Frans van der Elst, Flemish attorney/MP (Volksunie)
1921 Allan Jaffee, comic strip cartoonist/illustrator (MAD Magazine)
1921 – Cyril Poole, cricketer (England batsman against India 1951-52)
1922 Brun Smith, cricketer (NZ right-handed batsman of late 1940’s)
1922 – Jim Rodger, sports writer
1923 William F. Bolger, 65th Postmaster General of the United States (d. 1989)
1925 Anthony Milner, composer
1925 – Bertha Tickey, Dinuba Calif, softball pitcher (Hall of Fame 1973)
1925 – Roy Haynes, US jazz drummer (Trio Music with Chick Corea)
1926 Frederick Hemming McClintock, criminologist
1926 –RaulAlfonsín, Argentine pres (1983-89) (or 3/12/1927)
1927 Charles Sickman Corsen, Dutch Antillean poet
1927 – Robert Denning, American interior designer (d. 2005)
1929 J D Slater, writer
1929 – Peter Breck, Rochester NY, actor (Black Saddle, Big Valley, Benji)
1929 – Walter Medio, race horse trainer
1929 – Will Eisma, composer
1930 Doug Harvey, hockey star (3 time James Norris winner)
1930 – Jan Howard, American singer
1931 Marc Dessauvage, Flemish architect
1931 – Rosalind Elias, Lowell Mass, mezzo-soprano (Grimgerde-Die Walkuere)
1931 – Wolfgang Kohlhaase, Berlin, actor/director/writer (Solo Sunday)
1933 Frank H Murkowski, (Sen-R-AK, 1981-  )
1933 – Mike Stoller, composer (Lieber & Stoller-Hound Dog, Charlie Brown)
1934 Barry Hughart, American author
1935 Don Nute, Connellsville Penn (Denver University), actor
1935 – Joseph Mascolo, American actor
1935 – Leslie Parrish, American actress
1935 – Michael Walzer, American philosopher
1936 Clarence Nash, animation voice (Donald Duck)
1937 Fofo I F Sunia, (Rep-D-Amer Samoa, 1981-  )
1938 Hans-Joachim Hespos, composer
1938 – Jean-Claude Risset, composer
1938 – Joseph Bellino, footballer (1960 Heisman Trophy)
1938 – Patricia W Amicone, educator/midwife
1938 – Erma Franklin, American singer (d. 2002)
1939 Neil Sedaka, Bkln NY, singer/songwriter (Breaking Up is Hard to Do)
1941 Mahmoud Darwish, Palestinian prominent poet and writer of prose.(d. 2008)
1942 Dave Cutler, American software engineer
1943 Andre Techine, director/writer (Scene of the Crime, Rendez-Vous)
1945 Anatoly Timofeevich Fomenko, Russian mathematician
1946 Yonatan Netanyahu, Israeli soldier (d. 1976)
1947 Lesley Collier, British ballet dancer
1947 – Tomas Hinojosa, jockey
1947 – Beat Richner, Swiss physician and cellist
1948 Robert S. Woods, American actor
1949 Hiroshi Kazato, Japanese racing driver (d. 1974)
1949 – Julia Migenes, American soprano
1950 Bernard Julien, cricketer (WI left-arm pace all-rounder mid-70’s)
1950 – Danny Kirwan, London, rock guitarist (Fleetwood Mac)
1950 – Joe Bugner, Hungarian/British/Australian boxer (European Champ 1971)
1950 – Robert S Woods, Calif, actor (Bo-One Life to Live, Waltons)
1950 – Steve Hill, country vocalist (A Winning Hand)
1950 – William H Macy, Miami FL, actor (Homicide, Water Engine)
1950 – Charles Krauthammer, American political commentator
1951 Fred Berry, St Louis Mo, actor (Rerun-What’s Happening)
1952 Wolfgang Hihm, composer
1953 Andy Bean, Lafayette Ga, PGA golfer (Western 1978, Kemper 1978)
1953 – Deborah Raffin, LA Calif, actress (Ransom, Demon, 40 Carats)
1954 Robin Duke, Toronto Canada, comedienne (SNL, SCTV, Club Paradise)
1955 Glenne Headly, New London CT, actress (Dick Tracy, Making Mr Right)
1955 – Olga Rukavishnikova, USSR, pentathlete (Olympic-silver-1980)
1955 – Patricia J Engfer, general manager (Hyatt Regency-Orlando)
1955 – Bruno Conti, Italian footballer
1956 Dana Delany, NYC, actress (Colleen McMurphy-China Beach, Exit to Eden)
1957 Steve Lake, American baseball player
1957 – John Hoeven, American politician, governor of North Dakota
1958 Debi Nicolle Johnson, Torrance Calif, playmate (October, 1984)
1958 – Rick A Lazio, (Rep-R-NY)
1959 Dirk Wellham, cricketer (century on NSW debut & Australian debut )
1959 – Ronnie Rogers, guitarist (T’Pau-Heart & Soul)
1959 – Kathy Hilton, socialite-Hilton Hotels, mother of Nikki Hilton and Paris Hilton
1960 Adam Clayton, Oxfordshire, rock bassist (U2-I Will Follow)
1960 – Yuri Andrukhovych, Ukrainian writer, poet and political essayist
1960 – Joe Ranft, American animator (d. 2005)
1961 Cor Lems, soccer player (ADO The Hague/Dordrecht ’90)
1962 Liane Tooth, Sydney NSW Australia, field hockey forward (Olympics-96)
1963 Mariano Duncan, S P de Macoris Dom Rep, infielder (NY Yankees)
1963 – Vance Johnson, NFL wide receiver (Denver Broncos)
1964 Will Clark, New Orleans LA, infielder (Texas Rangers)
1964 – Will Clark, American baseball player
1966 Akira Nogami, wrestler (NJPW)
1966 – Tine Scheuer-Larsen, Denmark, tennis star
1967 Colleen Rosensteel, S Greensburg PA, heavyweight judoka (Olympics-96)
1967 – Satu Huotari, ice hockey defenseman (Finland, Oly-98)
1967 – Andrés Escobar, Colombian footballer (d. 1994)
1968 Christopher Collett, NYC, actor (Manhattan Project)
1968 – Akira Nogami, Japanese professional wrestler
1969 Chris Zorich, NFL defensive tackle (Chic Bears)
1969 – Kevin Kaminski, Churchbridge, NHL center (Washington Capitals)
1970 Tim Story, American film director
1971 Curtis Conway, NFL wide receiver/kick returner (Chic Bears)
1971 – Li Chen, Changsha China, tennis star (1995 Futures-Austin TX)
1971 – Paul Henderson, Australian 100m/200m (Olympics-96)
1971 – Ralf Kleinmann, WLAF kicker/punter (Frankfurt Galaxy)
1971 – Robert Samuels, cricketer (West Indies Test opening batsman v NZ 1996)
1971 – Ryan Hayden, Indianapolis Indiana, 400m hurdler
1971 – Tony Vinson, NFL running back (Atl Falcons, Lon Monarchs, Balt Ravens)
1971 – Tracy Wells, actress (Heather-Mr Belvedere)
1971 – Annabeth Gish, American actress
1971 – Robert Lanham, American author and satirist
1972 Avrom Smith, WLAF RB (London Monarchs)
1972 – Brian Saxton, NFL tight end (NY Giants)
1972 – Rickey Brady, NFL tight end (NO Saints)
1972 – Ryan McCoy, WLAF LB (London Monarchs)
1972 – Shea Olliff, Augusta Georgia, Miss America-Georgia (1997)
1972 – Trent Dilfer, NFL quarterback (Tampa Bay Bucs)
1973 Ann Coale, Miss USA-Maryland (1997)
1973 – Bobby Jackson, NBA guard (Denver Nuggets)

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Pisces Hare: Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore has the mixed blessing of having three planets in Pisces: Sun, Venus, and Jupiter — making her one hot pisces cat! Pisces is the most femine sign in the zodiac.  It’s bearers are very sensitive and intuitive. This is also where her sweetness comes from – Drew’s not acting, she
really is sweet.

Firstly because their behaviours are impenetrable and unpredictable. The rules of the game of love are of no concern to them since they have their own rules!  They  love, or they  don’t love, according to criteria that may seem meaningless to many people.  They can seem detached which can be disconcerting for those around them, partly because their emotions are so intense it takes Pisces longer to process them. If  they are in love they give love without reservation. But when deceived,  they  become capable of the more complete indifference, the most radical detachment.  They can write someone off almost instaneously.  They enter relationships with the notion that the relationship is probably doomed from the start.  It is not they are  pessimistic, it is just that have an innate ability to crunch the numbers and predict the proability from the beginning. They know how to provoke and  manage break-ups.   They  also know how to remain distant from a shaky relationship.  Their thirst for the  true love cannot be satisfied with half measures.

For more about Drew’s astrological profile check out:


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313 Charles Krauthamer on 314 Albert Einstein

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Because every few years this country, in its infinite tolerance, insists on
hearing yet another appeal of the Scopes monkey trial, I feel obliged to point
out what would otherwise be superfluous: that the two greatest scientists in the history of our species
were Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, and they were both religious.

Newton’s religion was traditional. He was a staunch believer in Christianity
and a member of the Church of England. Einstein’s was a more diffuse belief in a
deity who set the rules for everything that occurs in the universe.

Neither saw science as an enemy of religion. On the contrary. “He believed he
was doing God’s work,” James Gleick wrote in his recent biography of Newton.
Einstein saw his entire vocation — understanding the workings of the universe
— as an attempt to understand the mind of God.

For the rest of the article visit:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/11/17/AR2005111701304.html

314 March 14 Albert Einstein

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The German-American physicist Albert Einstein, born in Ulm, Germany, March 14, 1879, and died in Princeton, New Jersey USA, April 18, 1955, contributed more to the 20th-century vision of physical reality than any other scientist. In the wake of World War I, Einstein’s theories – especially his theory of relativity – seemed to many people a strain  of human thought so  far removed from how most people saw the physical world.  Eistein received  tremendous public attention for cultivating a methodology of thinking like no one before him. pure learning.

With the rise of nazism in Germany, Einstein moved to the United States in 1933 and abandoned his pacifism.      He reluctantly agreed that the new menace had to be arrested with whatever means necessary.  In this context, Einstein sent  a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt that urged that   the United States proceed to develop an atomic bomb before  Germany did. The letter, composed by Einstein’s friend Leo Szilard, was one of many exchanged between the White House and Einstein, and it contributed to Roosevelt’s decision to fund what became the ‘Manhattan Project.’

Albert Einstein had four planets in Pisces: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn; which may explain his great need to need to discover a spiritual connection between science and spirituality.

Einstein was also dyslexic. Pisces in Mercury can cause problems with communication. He only began to speak at the age of three and had issues with speech all through school. Saturn placed with this mix gives him a general distaste for speaking out loud. “I want to know God’s thoughts. All the rest are details”.

The combination of both Saturn and mercury in Pisces may have contributed to his ofthen dishevelved and unkempt appearance.

The fact that JUPITER was in  AQUARIUS  when he was born may have contributed to his unconventional way of thinking.

Einstein was aware of astrology and it is reported that he supported it.

“”Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things, and I am greatly indebted to it. Geophysical evidence reveals the power of the stars and the planets in relation to the terrestrial. In turn, astrology reinforces the power to some extent. This is why astrology is a life-giving elixir to mankind”.”  A. Enistein

EINSTEIN on  religion and science:

Science without religion is lame, religion, without science is blind.  A Eisntein.


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