The Ides of March

5.02.17-??- 1987 Black Monday Stock Market Crash Repeat and Saturn’s Return

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1987 Black Monday Stock Market Crash and Saturn’s Return

Saturn entered Sagittarius on December 23rd 2014 and will remain in that sign until June 14, 2015 when it will retrograde back into Scorpio until September 17, 2015 when it will move back into Sagittarius until it leaves on December 19, 2017.  Saturn was last in Sagittarius between November 1985 and February 1988.

Sagittarius is the sign of air travel, foreign cultures, religion, the sharing of ideas through publishing and media.  Sagittarius seeks to know the meaning of life and tends to be overly optimistic, breaking free of the boundaries that Saturn typically seeks to impose.  Many significant events reveal the effect of Saturn through Sagittarius:

  • The Single European Act was signed, formalizing (Saturn) the principles that later became the European Union, bringing the nations of Europe together (Sagittarius) under one umbrella. This was the first major revision of the Treaty of Rome which was signed during Saturn’s previous trip through Sagittarius.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev began Perestroika to restructure (Saturn) the Soviet Union’s economic and political policies (Sagittarius).
  • Ronald Reagan challenges Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin wall.
  • The stock market saw one of its biggest crashes in history (Black Monday) as the Dow dropped over 22%, correcting (Saturn) in an overinflated (Sagittarius) market.  (The famous big crash in 1929 also occurred with Saturn in Sagittarius).
  • Ronald Reagan’s seemingly endless popularity (Sagittarius) was challenged when he was charged in the Iran Contra affair.
  • The Jim Bakker scandal erupted when the sanctimonious (Sagittarius) television minister was investigated (and later convicted) for fraud, rape and embezzling.

Here are some things we can expect during Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius over the next few years:

  • With advent of Brexit, we are now beginning to see the collapse of the EU.
  • Areas in which we tend to be overly optimistic (Sagittarius) will be challenged by Saturn.  Because the stock market is based on confidence, this will lead to a rocky ride as waves of fear and optimism alternate to create a churning in the markets.
  • Saturn will form a challenging square to Neptune that will continue through much of the cycle, beginning in January of 2015. I will be covering this in another article, but the pressure between Neptune’s desire to transcend the mundane details of life and Saturn’s pressure to adhere to certain rules will make it more necessary than ever to be realistic and practical during this period.
  • On a personal level our belief systems (Sagittarius) will be challenged by Saturn, and this will likely extend into the areas of organized religion which will likely suffer as long-held beliefs are questioned and discarded.
  • Issues surrounding immigration will erupt and require new rules and regulations.
  • Additional disclosure (Saturn) and the revelation of long-held secrets of extra-terrestrial activity (Sagittarius) is possible.
  • We will likely see the closure of colleges and universities (Sagittarius) as Saturn puts the squeeze on financial support.
  • The media is always affected when Saturn is in Sagittarius and issues of net neutrality are likely to rise to the top of media concerns.
  • The Bill Cosby scandal erupted when the sanctimonious (Sagittarius) television personality and “perfect dad”  has been prosecuted for fraud rape.

In our personal lives we can use the passage of Saturn through Sagittarius to create rituals and systems (Saturn) that work for us – daily routines and patterns that assist us in creating expansion and adventure (Sagittarius) in ways that support our lives in a practical (Saturn) way.  This is a time to be practical in our financial planning and a time to work hard (Saturn) to achieve our dreams (Sagittarius).



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