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Neptune in Aries in 2025: Civil War?

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Aries is the sign of new beginnings and at this time a very bloody birth within America was taking place.  Aries is also the Greek God of War.  The American Civil War from 1861 to 1865 would ultimately cost the lives of over 600,000 people, it would forever prevent the breaking apart of our nation and it would end slavery and the beginning of freedom for many.

The geocentric transit of Neptune entering the constellation of Aries occurred for the first time on April 13th, 1861: the exact same date exactly Fort Sumter fell to The Confederacy. This date marked the beginning of the Civil War.

Neptune briefly regressed back into Pisces and then re-entered Aries on February 14, 1862 when two forts surrendered to the Union forces of General Grant (born in 1822 near the time Pluto entered Aries). The surrender of forts — i. e. of Saturnian enclosures — symbolize interestingly the beginnings of the present Neptune cycle. Neptune was then in “transforming” quintile aspect to Uranus. All very high ideals, which take quite a bit more to carry out than mere legislation or even something as monumental as the bloodiest conflict in American History.

There is very little sympathy between the hard, practical, fire and energy of Aries and the cold sensitive Neptune. The combination makes for disruption; its aspect to another planet, other things being equal, is likely to be somewhat upsetting. Those aspects which we describe as good will be not so good when Neptune is in the sign, as if he is in one more harmonious with his nature. In all cases of war and other businesses requiring initiative and energy, the influence is likely to be particularly unfortunate.

The down side could be the Aries impulsiveness and recklessness and impatience continually leading them to believe their ideal dream (Neptune) lies just over the horizon where pastures are greener and there is new territory to conquer (Aries). This combination of Aries’ lack of perseverance and this planet’s impractical leanings toward the harsh reality of the amount of work entailed to surmount obstacles, may leave the all too common result of a long list of incomplete projects in the native’s wake.

Planet Neptune was in the sign of Aries from 1861 to 1875. It’s important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign, and therefore the interpretation applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation you need to look at the house position of Neptune in your chart. Interestingly enough Neptune will be re entering the sign of Aries around 2020, therefore the combination of Neptune in Aries will soon be highly relevant again. With Neptune in Aries , Neptune the planet of spirituality is in the first of the signs Aries. Since the sign of Aries is all about new beginnings and a rebirth of ideas, this combination represents a new cycle and blossoming of spiritual ideas and philosophy. The last time Neptune was in Aries was during the time of the American Civil War. There was literally a battle epitomised by the warrior sign Aries over spiritual ideas and values. The clash between the North and South took place over a background of differing values with regards to the morality of slavery and the control of central government. Eventually as Neptune passed through the sign of Aries it left the country in a far different state to when it first entered, Slavery was no longer acceptable and the government had at least nominal control of the whole of the country. People in the coming generation who have Neptune in Aries will believe and take part in a rebirth of spiritual ideas and values. A new generation of leaders with be born and will rise with ideas for easing the suffering of humanity.

However, these people may make ideal champions for those less fortunate than themselves as long as the troops are deployed properly. We will have to wait and see how this will manifest on a more personal level the next time around, for Neptune is not projected to enter Aries again until around the year 2025.