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313 Personality

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Those born on March 13 has a reputation for being dynamic and talented yet  erratic and high-strung. There are times when they-even need to force themselves to slow down in order to gain some much needed sleep.

They have a fiery nature to the extent of being dangerous. The March 13 fire manifests itself in the form of inspirational, far-reaching and at times perhaps some revolutionary ideas.  Formation, structure, purposefulness, and dedication are the particular key words that characterize this birth date of March 13.

They are people with a considerable number of talents and abilities, and there are times when they lose sight of their goal as they become pulled about into different directions.

Although generous, they may have trouble accommodating the views and needs of others. They have their way of doing things and refuse to be roped into the conventional approach. They are intelligent individuals who seldom question their own judgment.


It is important that they gain a distinctive sense of self-discipline in order that you can concentrate your energies when and where they are needed.

They need to realize that they need to do away with activities and relationships that no longer serve their highest interests. To achieve this, they need to spend some time alone in a quite place to relax, reflect, meditate, contemplate and organize their thoughts.


They generally have a large circle of friends but need to respect the emotional boundaries of others and demand that their friends give them the same. They even manage to keep some emotional distance from a lover or mate.


Those born on March 13 may have happy memories of their up-bringing, they are unlikely to subscribe to a religious code they were taught. They understand the need to provide knowledge to their youngsters but always stress that parents aren’t perfect.


March 13 people have little interest in conventional exercise, preferring to lead an active lifestyle. These people love to take long walks, and they enjoy sports. March 13 people may embrace a fad diet or two during their lifetime but generally prefer to eat what they like.


It takes a lot to keep March 13 people involved and interested. They need to be emotionally engaged in their work. They have a sense of adventure and are not afraid to strike out in a different direction. Although their financial situation is often in flux, they always seem able to ride out the lean times.


They can easily envisage life existing on other planets and will probably find science fiction readings of considerable interest.  On a more solid plane the March 13 Pisces should pay more attention to what is required to maintain life on earth and what is essential for the imagination.


March 13 men and women are not as committed to achieving goals as they are to achieving goals their own way. They have a strong sense of self and will not allow themselves to be managed. They never concern themselves with the reasons they cannot succeed at a goal, only why they can.


There are many folk who hold the belief that they have a particular number that is lucky for them. In your case the number 12 is undoubtedly a significant number in the occult terms and, you could perhaps attract good fortune by using patterns that involve groups of twelve in their office layout.

In their home, you can utilize the number 12 in the form of a candleholder candelabra or, four candle stands each with three candleholders to position around the four corners of your main room.

March 13 should take long comfortable soaks in the tub. Try, some seashell-shaped soaps and, some bath salts with lavender will provide an evocative scent for you. A nice touch to your bathroom would be some African violets.

In their bedroom look to a color décor that will relax you and encourage you to drift off – for the values of this day of March 13 an ideal color scheme would be pale blue mixed with pale green and cream.  As a March 13 they have a very strong attraction to the water and in particular, they are drawn to the sea.  It is at all possible that you can live near the sea and can do so close by to a dramatic ocean with rocky beaches. They often enjoy deep-sea fishing or sailing.



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January 22, 2013 at 3:49 pm

313: Christopher Robert Taylor: Sovereign Harmony

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Born March 13, 1979, Mr Taylor explores the possibilities of some long ignored potential past-life experiences. Mr Taylor’s Natal Chart was featured in an article that he authored by Evolutionary Astrologer, Maurice Fernandez on the topic of reincarnation with regards to astrological theory and consciousness. His article, The Evolution of Consciousness through Reincarnation, was featured in his Major Sky magazine publication in May 2008. If you are interested in reading the article, below is a link to the PDF (the article starts on page 15). –  Major Sky – May 2008 – by Maurice Fernandez

Mr Taylor’s practice focusses on advising individuals, business owners and community leaders. He blends his inner intuition with his well developed outer logic. He approaches speaking engagements and consultations with empathyand compassion while remaining helpfully objective and honest.


Mr Taylor’s goal is to assist individuals, business owners and community leaders in aligning with their inner truthby utilizing an array of both ancient and modern tools and technology. He provides  clients with a thorough and comprehensive look at themselves in a personal and customized way with the goal of finding  their unique wholeness. He takes  time to ensure that his engagements are 100% unique to his clients.  He looks forward to assisting  on them own personal journey and is grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Mr Taylor is  a ‘truth finder’  and he assists individuals, business owners and community leaders in discovering and aligning with their truest intentions byassisting them in releasing from their self-imposed prisons (i.e. mental limitations).

Mr Taylor assists clients on a path toward wholeness and conscious thriving while steering them away from operating habitually through fragmentedunconscious reaction patterns. He calls it like he  see it.

Downsize Congress! Thin The Herd!

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435 Congressman is way too many. Nothing positive can get done with that unweildy number. We need to downsize the number to 365. I realize it will dilute our representation, but it will also have the affect of making it more difficult for extremists on both sides from getting elected and it will promote a more centrist legislature.As far as reducing their compensaton while they are in office. Here is why I am against it. Life has taught me time and time again that you basically get what you pay for. If you keep their salaries to low, the process will discourage canidates who have modest wealth and income streams. I believe the better solution is to pay them more but place greater restrictions on their ability to raise money and receive campaign contributions. The problem with our system lies not in paying millions of dollars on Congressional salaries, but in Congressmen and women spending trillions of dollars on God knows what.Pass it On.


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January 16, 2013 at 6:26 pm

313: Notables

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Emile Hirsch, American Actor


Danny Masterson, American Actor


Andre Batista Santos “Vampeta”, Brazilian soccer player, PSV


Thomas Enqvist, born in Stockholm Sweden, tennis star, 1991 Wimbledon jr boys


Dan Wilkinson, NFL defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals


Trent Dilfer, NFL quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Tracy Wells, actress, Heather-Mr Belvedere


Christopher Collett, born in New York City, actor, Manhattan Project


Will Clark, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, infielder for the Texas Rangers


Adam Clayton, born in Oxfordshire, rock bassist, U2-I Will Follow


Rick Lazio, born in Amityville, New York, Representative-R-New York 1993 – 2001


John Hoeven, born in Bismarck, North Dakota, politician, Republican, 34th Governor of North Dakota, longest-serving Governor in the U.S.


Dana Delany, born in New York City, actress, Colleen McMurphy-China Beach, Exit to Eden


Robin Duke, born in Toronto, Canada, comedienne, SNL, SCTV, Club Paradise


Fred Berry, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actor, Rerun-What’s Happening


Robert S. Woods, born in California, actor, Bo-One Life to Live, Waltons


Steve Hill, country vocalist, A Winning Hand


William H. Macy, born in Miami, Florida, actor, Homicide, Water Engine


Charles Krauthammer, American Journalist


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