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Charles Krauthammer ; born March 13, 1950) is an American Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, political commentator, and physician. His column is syndicated to more than 275 newspapers and media outlets.[1] He is a contributing editor to the Weekly Standard and The New Republic. He is also a weekly panelist on the PBS news program Inside Washington[2] and a nightly panelist on Fox News‘s Special Report with Bret Baier

In 2009, Politico columnist Ben Smith wrote that Krauthammer had “emerged in the Age of Obama as a central conservative voice”, a “kind of leader of the opposition…a coherent, sophisticated and implacable critic of the new president”. The New York Times columnist David Brooks says that today “he’s the most important conservative columnist.”[12] Former congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough called Krauthammer “without a doubt the most powerful force in American conservatism. He has [been] for two, three, four years.”[13]


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alented yet erratic, a Pisces born on March 13 has a reputation for being high-strung. Although generous, they may have trouble accommodating the views and needs of others. They have their way of doing things and refuse to be roped into the conventional approach. They are intelligent individuals who seldom question their own judgment.

Though they generally have a large circle

of friends, March 13 people respect the emotional boundaries of others and demand that their friends give them the same. They even manage to keep some emotional distance from a lover or mate.

While people born on this date may have happy memories of their upbringing, they are unlikely to subscribe to a religious code they were taught. They understand the need to provide knowledge to their youngsters but always stress that parents aren’t perfect.

March 13 people have little interest in conventional exercise, preferring to lead an active lifestyle. These people love to take long walks, and they enjoy sports. March 13 people may embrace a fad diet or two during their lifetime but generally prefer to eat what they like.

It takes a lot to keep March 13 people involved and interested. They need to be emotionally engaged in their work. They have a sense of adventure and are not afraid to strike out in a different direction. Although their financial situation is often in flux, they always seem able to ride out the lean times.

March 13 men and women are not as committed to achieving goals as they are to achieving goals their own way. They have a strong sense of self and will not allow themselves to be managed. They never concern themselves with the reasons they cannot succeed at a goal, only why they can.

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Because every few years this country, in its infinite tolerance, insists on
hearing yet another appeal of the Scopes monkey trial, I feel obliged to point
out what would otherwise be superfluous: that the two greatest scientists in the history of our species
were Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, and they were both religious.

Newton’s religion was traditional. He was a staunch believer in Christianity
and a member of the Church of England. Einstein’s was a more diffuse belief in a
deity who set the rules for everything that occurs in the universe.

Neither saw science as an enemy of religion. On the contrary. “He believed he
was doing God’s work,” James Gleick wrote in his recent biography of Newton.
Einstein saw his entire vocation — understanding the workings of the universe
— as an attempt to understand the mind of God.

For the rest of the article visit:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/11/17/AR2005111701304.html

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On this weekend’s broadcast of “Inside Washington,” Washington  Post columnist Charles Krauthammer claims he is leaning toward  former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

“I think what has been said is correct — Romney is polished,” Krauthammer  offered. “In the end, Republicans are going to have to decide whether they want  authenticity or electability. And that is really where it is. I mean, it often  is a choice. Democrats have had that in the past with Howard Dean and others.  You often have to come down and say, ‘Which way are you going to go?’ Do you  want the guy that you can rely on ideologically on everything or with the guy  that might have a better chance of winning?”

“I would invoke the Buckley rule,” Krauthammer continued. “He always said ‘I  vote for the most conservative candidate who can win.’ And I think people have  to make a judgment. In 1980, Reagan had to make a threshold: Is he acceptable?  Can you live with this guy? Is he a non-lunatic? He did. He may have been  demonized in the past as a radical ideologue. He was acceptable — he wins.

“I think Obama is going to be not quite as weak as [Jimmy] Carter, but  relatively weak — high unemployment. And that’s going to be the threshold  question for any Republican: Is he electable? Does he meet a threshold that the  independents and disaffected Democrats would accept? Thus far, I think Mitt  Romney is doing that.”

Read more:  http://dailycaller.com/2011/09/24/krauthammer-declares-romney-most-conservative-candidate-who-can-win-thus-far/#ixzz1Zlqyh65p