The Ides of March

Pisces Cat

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Does the Cat dip his paw in the water and eat up the unsuspecting Fish? No. This lovely couple has a happy beginning and equally felicitous ending. Pisces’ sensitivity blends swimmingly well with the Cat’s love of hearth and home, caution and modesty. The Piscean born in a Cat year will probably enjoy a long and productive career as a guardian of refinement and elegance. He or she is almost assured of having artistic talents and, moreover, can count on knowing how to put those same talents to practical and profitable use. There’s a need for social acceptance here too. This character wants whatever he or she does to imprint itself on society. In love, he or she will not be flashy or showy. They often marry quietly somewhere and live away from crowds. He needs tenderness and affection and gives lots in return.

For more about Pisces Cats please check out Suzanne White’s book at: http://www.suzannewhite.com/new-astrology/PiscesCat.html


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