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310: Violet Brown, The Oldest Living Person on The Planet

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Violet Brown (née Mosse; born 10 March 1900)[2] is a Jamaican supercentenarian who, at the age of 117 years, 37 days, is the oldest verified living person in the world since the death of Emma Morano on 15 April 2017.[3][4] She is also the first verified supercentenarian from Jamaica and the oldest verified Jamaican person ever. Her date of birth has been variously reported as 4 March 1900,[5] 10 March 1900, and 15 March 1900;[1][6] it was officially recognised as 10 March 1900 by the Gerontology Research Group in 2014.[2] Brown was born when Jamaica was a part of the British Empire and is the last living former subject of Queen Victoria.[7] She is, together with Nabi Tajima of Japan, one of the last two living people born in the 19th century.


310 March 10 DOB Osama bin Laden

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According to Cosmic NavigatiorMay 6th 2011,  Neptune has moved to Pisces, the sign it rules just a few weeks ago. Neptune, the ancient god of the sea, feels most comfortable in his place deep in the Piscean ocean. But when Neptune is having issues with himself, namely, called a Neptune Square, in Astrology, it is considered one of the most notorious aspects. Everyone has to deal with this cycle in their early forties and that is why this Neptune square is dubbed the mid-life crisis aspect. The last time it happened in the United States’ chart was in April 24 1980 on the day when President Carter’s launched his failed Operation “Eagle Claw” which was supposed to rescue 52 Americans held captive at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran. The reason why I mention this is because as you can see from the dates, 1980-1983 was also the last time the US experienced a Saturn return. Whenever two aspects or cycles collide, the power of the patterns are felt much stronger.

The operation to rescue the American hostages in Iran, as we all know was disastrous, a word by the way that derives from Astrology – Dis (against) Astrous (stars). Eight helicopters were sent, out of which one crashed on the way, one turned back and another malfunctioned. The commanders on the scene requested Carter to abort the mission; Carter agreed but one other helicopters crashed into a plane resulting in the deaths of eight American servicemen. Carter’s presidency never recovered.

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