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313 Personality

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Those born on March 13 has a reputation for being dynamic and talented yet  erratic and high-strung. There are times when they-even need to force themselves to slow down in order to gain some much needed sleep.

They have a fiery nature to the extent of being dangerous. The March 13 fire manifests itself in the form of inspirational, far-reaching and at times perhaps some revolutionary ideas.  Formation, structure, purposefulness, and dedication are the particular key words that characterize this birth date of March 13.

They are people with a considerable number of talents and abilities, and there are times when they lose sight of their goal as they become pulled about into different directions.

Although generous, they may have trouble accommodating the views and needs of others. They have their way of doing things and refuse to be roped into the conventional approach. They are intelligent individuals who seldom question their own judgment.


It is important that they gain a distinctive sense of self-discipline in order that you can concentrate your energies when and where they are needed.

They need to realize that they need to do away with activities and relationships that no longer serve their highest interests. To achieve this, they need to spend some time alone in a quite place to relax, reflect, meditate, contemplate and organize their thoughts.


They generally have a large circle of friends but need to respect the emotional boundaries of others and demand that their friends give them the same. They even manage to keep some emotional distance from a lover or mate.


Those born on March 13 may have happy memories of their up-bringing, they are unlikely to subscribe to a religious code they were taught. They understand the need to provide knowledge to their youngsters but always stress that parents aren’t perfect.


March 13 people have little interest in conventional exercise, preferring to lead an active lifestyle. These people love to take long walks, and they enjoy sports. March 13 people may embrace a fad diet or two during their lifetime but generally prefer to eat what they like.


It takes a lot to keep March 13 people involved and interested. They need to be emotionally engaged in their work. They have a sense of adventure and are not afraid to strike out in a different direction. Although their financial situation is often in flux, they always seem able to ride out the lean times.


They can easily envisage life existing on other planets and will probably find science fiction readings of considerable interest.  On a more solid plane the March 13 Pisces should pay more attention to what is required to maintain life on earth and what is essential for the imagination.


March 13 men and women are not as committed to achieving goals as they are to achieving goals their own way. They have a strong sense of self and will not allow themselves to be managed. They never concern themselves with the reasons they cannot succeed at a goal, only why they can.


There are many folk who hold the belief that they have a particular number that is lucky for them. In your case the number 12 is undoubtedly a significant number in the occult terms and, you could perhaps attract good fortune by using patterns that involve groups of twelve in their office layout.

In their home, you can utilize the number 12 in the form of a candleholder candelabra or, four candle stands each with three candleholders to position around the four corners of your main room.

March 13 should take long comfortable soaks in the tub. Try, some seashell-shaped soaps and, some bath salts with lavender will provide an evocative scent for you. A nice touch to your bathroom would be some African violets.

In their bedroom look to a color décor that will relax you and encourage you to drift off – for the values of this day of March 13 an ideal color scheme would be pale blue mixed with pale green and cream.  As a March 13 they have a very strong attraction to the water and in particular, they are drawn to the sea.  It is at all possible that you can live near the sea and can do so close by to a dramatic ocean with rocky beaches. They often enjoy deep-sea fishing or sailing.


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313: Christopher Robert Taylor: Sovereign Harmony

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Born March 13, 1979, Mr Taylor explores the possibilities of some long ignored potential past-life experiences. Mr Taylor’s Natal Chart was featured in an article that he authored by Evolutionary Astrologer, Maurice Fernandez on the topic of reincarnation with regards to astrological theory and consciousness. His article, The Evolution of Consciousness through Reincarnation, was featured in his Major Sky magazine publication in May 2008. If you are interested in reading the article, below is a link to the PDF (the article starts on page 15). –  Major Sky – May 2008 – by Maurice Fernandez

Mr Taylor’s practice focusses on advising individuals, business owners and community leaders. He blends his inner intuition with his well developed outer logic. He approaches speaking engagements and consultations with empathyand compassion while remaining helpfully objective and honest.


Mr Taylor’s goal is to assist individuals, business owners and community leaders in aligning with their inner truthby utilizing an array of both ancient and modern tools and technology. He provides  clients with a thorough and comprehensive look at themselves in a personal and customized way with the goal of finding  their unique wholeness. He takes  time to ensure that his engagements are 100% unique to his clients.  He looks forward to assisting  on them own personal journey and is grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Mr Taylor is  a ‘truth finder’  and he assists individuals, business owners and community leaders in discovering and aligning with their truest intentions byassisting them in releasing from their self-imposed prisons (i.e. mental limitations).

Mr Taylor assists clients on a path toward wholeness and conscious thriving while steering them away from operating habitually through fragmentedunconscious reaction patterns. He calls it like he  see it.

313: Notables

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Emile Hirsch, American Actor


Danny Masterson, American Actor


Andre Batista Santos “Vampeta”, Brazilian soccer player, PSV


Thomas Enqvist, born in Stockholm Sweden, tennis star, 1991 Wimbledon jr boys


Dan Wilkinson, NFL defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals


Trent Dilfer, NFL quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Tracy Wells, actress, Heather-Mr Belvedere


Christopher Collett, born in New York City, actor, Manhattan Project


Will Clark, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, infielder for the Texas Rangers


Adam Clayton, born in Oxfordshire, rock bassist, U2-I Will Follow


Rick Lazio, born in Amityville, New York, Representative-R-New York 1993 – 2001


John Hoeven, born in Bismarck, North Dakota, politician, Republican, 34th Governor of North Dakota, longest-serving Governor in the U.S.


Dana Delany, born in New York City, actress, Colleen McMurphy-China Beach, Exit to Eden


Robin Duke, born in Toronto, Canada, comedienne, SNL, SCTV, Club Paradise


Fred Berry, born in St. Louis, Missouri, actor, Rerun-What’s Happening


Robert S. Woods, born in California, actor, Bo-One Life to Live, Waltons


Steve Hill, country vocalist, A Winning Hand


William H. Macy, born in Miami, Florida, actor, Homicide, Water Engine


Charles Krauthammer, American Journalist


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Analysis of Mitt Romney’s Chart

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Mitt’s chart.

Because he has Gemini rising, the ruler is Mercury in Pisces retrograde. How very strange and intriguing for such a successful man.

Mercury in Pisces is not just in detriment but in fall – traditionally a terrible position. What’s more it’s retrograde. You would expect there to have been some kind of trouble with early education or maybe some difficulty with speaking. I’ve seen this kind of thing in charts of people who didn’t speak for a while as children, or who had to learn a foreign language very young, or who somehow failed to be heard. This is often a problem for Pisces Sun anyway. I wonder if he felt listened to as a child. He was clearly cosseted by that is not the same thing. This position also fits with the stream of gaffes we hear coming from Romney’s mouth.

But the upside of Mercury in Pisces is an interesting mind – not linear but visual – inclined to abstraction, imagination. You see this in the charts of many, many musicians and actors.With this chart, Romney could well have made a success in movies.

So we see a combination of Gemini, the trickster, the talker, the reporter, on the ascendant and dreaming, scheming Pisces. This can be a marvellously creative energy. In fact I have a friend who’s a poet with a chart similar to this. But it can also show someone who has problems telling the truth, partly because for him truth is relative. Some commentators have noted that Romney seems to think that if he says something it must be true. This shows a massive level of self-belief, of faith. Pisces Sun can have that level of self-belief. One of it’s rulers is Jupiter, the planet of faith, and Neptune, the planet of illusion.

You can see Mitt Romney’s self-belief in his strongly placed Moon conjunct Jupiter in Scorpioright on an angle. Moon-Jupiter gives an unquestioning, easy faith – and Romney’s is at a lovely, supportive angle to his Sun. He really believes in himself. The Moon represents the mother, too. Lenore must have adored him, pampered him, built him up, loomed even larger in his life than most mothers. She was a Scorpio Sun.

Brother Scott, Lenore and Mitt in 1964. She’s so chic.

So mother and son must have been very close with that Sun-Moon compatibility.
Scorpio Moon is fixed, loyal, steadfast,unforgiving. Combined with Jupiter, you can see Romney’s adherence to the narrow Mormon faith.  His faith must give Romney real inner steel. 

One final thought about the Moon-Jupiter is that it can sometimes come across as a big child, especially in Romney’s case when you combine it with Gemini Rising. He comes across as an overgrown Richie Rich in some interviews.

Jupiter ruling his Pisces Sun strengthens the trine between the lights – Moon and Sun. This again emphasises his self-belief, and likely the strength he got from his upbringing. Romney is doubly lucky, though, look at the lucky planets in his chart! Both Jupiter and Venus are on angles.

The goddess of love and ladies and wealth dominates his chart., casting a golden glow over the whole thing from her position at the highest point. When you see that the closest aspect to Venus is from romantic Neptune, you can understand this is from Vanity Fair:

[His son Taggart says] “We were not allowed to say anything negative about my mother, talk back to her, do anything that would not be respectful of her.” From the beginning, Mitt had put Ann on a pedestal and kept her there. “When they were dating,” Tagg said, “he felt like she was way better than him and he was really lucky to have this catch. He really genuinely still feels that way.”

Some are favoured by the gods. Romney has been blessed with wealth, good looks and the love of a good woman – all in the purview of Venus. With the support of Neptune, this is exaggerated. Some astrologers, see Neptune as a higher octave of Venus. Neptune in aspect does seem to have a kind of emphasising effect on Venus, making her subtly more extreme.

Being chosen by Venus can have it’s downside.
Aubrtey Beardsle: Venus and Tannhauser.

Venus in Aquarius. That’s a good political placement, especially along with the 11th house Sun. It could show a love of the people, altruism. And it is on the angle that rules Romney’s most public persona and career.

Venus in Aquarius is often pretty androgynous. It suggests someone friendly, a man who likes independent, unusual women. That does not describe Mrs Romney, but it certainly describes Lenore.

Venus in Aquarius is also a bit of a gender bender. So it’s interesting that one of the nastiest stories about Romney involves him assaulting a fellow student in high school for being gay. I wonder how Romney feels about his own inner Liberace? With the planet of masculinity Mars in tender Pisces, he must at heart feel less than butch. His famous arrogance may have been a cover for feelings of inadequacy. When he was a teen-ager he obviously hated his inner Liberace so much he had to project his self-disgust outward onto someone else. Scorpio Moon has a reputation for cruelty, of course.

The really disturbing thing about the anecdote (fact-checked by The Washington Post no less) is that everyone else involved remembered it well and still felt ashamed all these years later, whereas Romney tried to laugh it off, claiming not to recall it.
In fact, I expect he has an excellent memory with Pisces Sun and Scorpio Moon. Romney’s book is called No Apology.

Venus in Aquarius is also someone who is comfortable with being different, just as Romney must alway be as a Mormon in the corridors of power. However, that Venus has some seriously strange aspects zapping it. It’s OK for him to be different, but not for anyone else. First of all it’s opposed by Saturn and Pluto. In fact it’s exactly on the midpoint of that opposition, so it’s as if Venus is right in the crosshairs of a gun.

Saturn-Pluto is a pretty harsh combination of planets – oppressive, violent, ambitious, driven. Those two are like a nexus of driving dark energy on the IC. What is really motivating Romney? And what was his relationship with his ambitious, powerful father really like?

There is something Oedipal about the energy of this chart. Romney’s father was a remarkable man – and he must have worked very, very hard to get where he did. I wonder how much time he really spent with his youngest son.

It seems to me that Romney’s doing it for Mom (Moon and Venus) – her failed campaign for the senate in 1970 may have made an impression – and to beat Dad (Saturn-Pluto).

Romney Senior had a major stellium in the Cardinal water sign, Cancer. So we have Lenore with her Sun in fixed water in Scorpio, and Mitt with Sun in mutable Pisces. The generations move through water, from self-starting Cancer to mass-consciousness Pisces. That’s very simple astrology, often the best kind.

Romney’s life is in the image of his parents’ life. Like them, he married his childhood sweetheart, went into business, went into politics. Gemini is the mimic, Pisces is the mirror. But somewhere in all those multiple reflections of life, the integrity of George and Lenore Romney got lost.

Maybe when Venus showers you with so many blessings, you start to believe you’re entitled to them.Venus brings vanity.

Mitt Romney

All politicians seek power for a variety of motives, some personal and some altruistic. Mitt Romney is no exception. Despite some of his crasser statements (and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction), he’s not simply motivated by lust for power. I think he believes he’s right and could do good (Venus in Aquarius, Pisces Sun in the 11th, Moon-Jupiter on the Desc, near the 6th).

He had not planets in Earth. What’s more his earth houses are empty and his angles are in Air and Fire. He lacks grounding. He’s all air and water. This speaks of his lack of experience of real life.

Neptune in Aries in 2025: Civil War?

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Aries is the sign of new beginnings and at this time a very bloody birth within America was taking place.  Aries is also the Greek God of War.  The American Civil War from 1861 to 1865 would ultimately cost the lives of over 600,000 people, it would forever prevent the breaking apart of our nation and it would end slavery and the beginning of freedom for many.

The geocentric transit of Neptune entering the constellation of Aries occurred for the first time on April 13th, 1861: the exact same date exactly Fort Sumter fell to The Confederacy. This date marked the beginning of the Civil War.

Neptune briefly regressed back into Pisces and then re-entered Aries on February 14, 1862 when two forts surrendered to the Union forces of General Grant (born in 1822 near the time Pluto entered Aries). The surrender of forts — i. e. of Saturnian enclosures — symbolize interestingly the beginnings of the present Neptune cycle. Neptune was then in “transforming” quintile aspect to Uranus. All very high ideals, which take quite a bit more to carry out than mere legislation or even something as monumental as the bloodiest conflict in American History.

There is very little sympathy between the hard, practical, fire and energy of Aries and the cold sensitive Neptune. The combination makes for disruption; its aspect to another planet, other things being equal, is likely to be somewhat upsetting. Those aspects which we describe as good will be not so good when Neptune is in the sign, as if he is in one more harmonious with his nature. In all cases of war and other businesses requiring initiative and energy, the influence is likely to be particularly unfortunate.

The down side could be the Aries impulsiveness and recklessness and impatience continually leading them to believe their ideal dream (Neptune) lies just over the horizon where pastures are greener and there is new territory to conquer (Aries). This combination of Aries’ lack of perseverance and this planet’s impractical leanings toward the harsh reality of the amount of work entailed to surmount obstacles, may leave the all too common result of a long list of incomplete projects in the native’s wake.

Planet Neptune was in the sign of Aries from 1861 to 1875. It’s important to note that Neptune takes about 164 years to make a complete cycle, spending about thirteen years in each sign, and therefore the interpretation applies to a generation rather than the individual. For a more individual interpretation you need to look at the house position of Neptune in your chart. Interestingly enough Neptune will be re entering the sign of Aries around 2020, therefore the combination of Neptune in Aries will soon be highly relevant again. With Neptune in Aries , Neptune the planet of spirituality is in the first of the signs Aries. Since the sign of Aries is all about new beginnings and a rebirth of ideas, this combination represents a new cycle and blossoming of spiritual ideas and philosophy. The last time Neptune was in Aries was during the time of the American Civil War. There was literally a battle epitomised by the warrior sign Aries over spiritual ideas and values. The clash between the North and South took place over a background of differing values with regards to the morality of slavery and the control of central government. Eventually as Neptune passed through the sign of Aries it left the country in a far different state to when it first entered, Slavery was no longer acceptable and the government had at least nominal control of the whole of the country. People in the coming generation who have Neptune in Aries will believe and take part in a rebirth of spiritual ideas and values. A new generation of leaders with be born and will rise with ideas for easing the suffering of humanity.

However, these people may make ideal champions for those less fortunate than themselves as long as the troops are deployed properly. We will have to wait and see how this will manifest on a more personal level the next time around, for Neptune is not projected to enter Aries again until around the year 2025.

313 Charles Krauthammer

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Charles Krauthammer ; born March 13, 1950) is an American Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, political commentator, and physician. His column is syndicated to more than 275 newspapers and media outlets.[1] He is a contributing editor to the Weekly Standard and The New Republic. He is also a weekly panelist on the PBS news program Inside Washington[2] and a nightly panelist on Fox News‘s Special Report with Bret Baier

In 2009, Politico columnist Ben Smith wrote that Krauthammer had “emerged in the Age of Obama as a central conservative voice”, a “kind of leader of the opposition…a coherent, sophisticated and implacable critic of the new president”. The New York Times columnist David Brooks says that today “he’s the most important conservative columnist.”[12] Former congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough called Krauthammer “without a doubt the most powerful force in American conservatism. He has [been] for two, three, four years.”[13]

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J Jawer on Neptune in Pisces

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Neptune is the planet of dreams, faith, imagination and spirituality. The sign it’s in during its long 165-year cycle around the Sun describes where we express our highest hopes and how we can delude ourselves with unrealistic expectations. Neptune entered high tech Aquarius in January 1998, and will finally leave this intellectual sign this week, on Feb. 3. There was a brief preview of Neptune in its watery home sign Pisces from April 4 – Aug. 4, 2011, but now it’s about to settle in for a 13-year stay.

Neptune in Aquarius was about the illusion that technology and our modern cleverness has somehow managed to do away with the age-old economic cycles of lean years and fat years. The slick financial tricks of repackaging loans and refinancing homes has proven that we are still on a planet of rising and falling tides where change is the only constant. A more rewarding expression of this transit has been the continuing fall of barriers to communication and community. Tweets, texts, Facebook and other online communities are linking humans around the globe, and contributed to the downfall of despotic North African regimes. In the United States, first the Tea Party from the right and the Occupy movement from the left have galvanized communities resistant to maintaining the political status quo.

For more of Jeff’s article on Neptune in Pisces please

check out his original article at:  http://beta.tarot.com/blog/astrology-planet-neptune-in-pisces

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DOD: 313 Greatest American Litigator: Clarence Darrow

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Clarence Seward Darrow (April 18, 1857 – March 13, 1938)  considered to be one of the greatest American litigators , best known for defending teenage thrill killers Leopold and Loeb in their trial for murdering 14-year-old Robert “Bobby” Franks (1924) and defending John T. Scopes in the Scopes “Monkey” Trial (1925), in which he opposed William Jennings Bryan (statesman, noted orator, and 3-time presidential candidate). Called a “sophisticated country lawyer“,[2] he remains notable for his wit and agnosticism, which marked him as one of the most famous American lawyers and civil libertarians.

     Clarence Darrow was born in rural northeastern Ohio on April 18, 1857.[4] He was the son of Amirus Darrow and Emily (Eddy) Darrow. Both the Darrow and the Eddy farms had deep roots in colonial New England, and several of Darrow’s ancestors served in the American Revolution. Clarence’s father was an ardent abolitionist and a proud iconoclast and religious freethinker, known in town as the “village infidel.” Emily Darrow was an early supporter of female suffrage and a women’s rights advocate. Clarence attended Allegheny College and the University of Michigan Law School but did not graduate from either institution. He was admitted to the Ohio bar in 1878. The Clarence Darrow Octagon House, which was his childhood home in the small town of Kinsman, Ohio, contains a memorial to him.

In 1925, Darrow defended John T. Scopes in the State of Tennessee v. Scopes trial. It has often been called the “Scopes Monkey Trial,” a title popularized by author and journalist H.L. Mencken. This pitted Darrow against William Jennings Bryan in an American court case that tested the Butler Act, which had been passed on March 21, 1925. The act forbade the teaching in any state-funded educational establishment in Tennessee of “any theory that denies the story of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the Bible, and to teach instead that man has descended from a lower order of animals.” The law made it illegal for public school teachers in Tennessee to teach that man evolved from lower organisms, but the law was sometimes interpreted as meaning that the law forbade the teaching of any aspect of the theory of evolution. The law did not prohibit the teaching of evolution of any other species of plant or animal.

During the trial, Darrow requested that Bryan be called to the stand as an expert witness on the Bible. Over the other prosecutor’s objection, Bryan agreed. Popular media at the time portrayed the following exchange as the deciding factor that turned public opinion against Bryan in the trial:

Darrow: “You have given considerable study to the Bible, haven’t you, Mr. Bryan?”
Bryan: “Yes, sir; I have tried to…. But, of course, I have studied it more as I have become older than when I was a boy.”
Darrow: “Do you claim then that everything in the Bible should be literally interpreted?”
Bryan: “I believe that everything in the Bible should be accepted as it is given there; some of the Bible is given illustratively. For instance: ‘Ye are the salt of the earth.’ I would not insist that man was actually salt, or that he had flesh of salt, but it is used in the sense of salt as saving God’s people.”

After about two hours, Judge John T. Raulston cut the questioning short and on the following morning ordered that the whole session (which in any case the jury had not witnessed) be expunged from the record, ruling that the testimony had no bearing on whether Scopes was guilty of teaching evolution. Scopes was found guilty and ordered to pay the minimum fine of $100.

A year later, the Tennessee Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Dayton court on a technicality—not on constitutional grounds, as Darrow had hoped. According to the court, the fine should have been set by the jury, not Raulston. Rather than send the case back for further action, however, the Tennessee Supreme Court dismissed the case. The court commented, “Nothing is to be gained by prolonging the life of this bizarre case.”

This event led to a change in public sentiment, and an increased discourse on the subject of faith versus science that still exists in America. It also became popularized in a play based loosely on the trial, Inherit the Wind, which later became a film.

In January 1931 Darrow had a debate with English writer G. K. Chesterton during the latter’s second trip to America. This was held at New York City’s Mecca Temple. The topic was “Will the World Return to Religion?”. At the end of the debate those in the hall were asked to vote for the man they thought had won the debate. Darrow received 1,022 votes while Chesterton received 2,359 votes. There is no known transcript of what was said except for third party accounts published later on. The earliest of these was that of February 4, 1931, issue of The Nation with an article written by Henry Hazlitt.

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April 4 2011: Neptune Entered Pisces

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Neptune enters the mystical waters Pisces on April 4th, 2011. The symbolism suggests we dive into the spiritual waters of the unified Self, the Oneness that underlies all of life. It’s like a symbolic Cosmic Web, shimmering gold and full of life. One strand sends out a ripple, and one small ripple influences the whole. Care we must for All beings upon the planet.

Neptune is comfortable in the sign of Pisces, so this symbolic partnership is valuable and can be easy to consciously flow with. Here we receive an opportunity to understand and remember what love without strings or conditions is all about. To listen to the ageless and timeless wisdom within the heart and use that wisdom in our daily life. Yet, this is the very thing people tend to shun because it is irrational, risky and vulnerable all because one can’t control it. This renders the person feeling out of their comfort zone. Neptune in Pisces invites all of us to genuinely feel the love that we are, that is available to us from the Cosmos and Life itself. To then seek to express that love in all that we do. As with any outer planet transit, the effects and changes are long-term and world-wide.

Neptune in Pisces Potential:
What are things to focus upon while Neptune transits through Pisces? Spirituality, water or waterways, art, photography, writing (poems, channeling etc.), music, fashion, oil, drugs and alcohol, private behind the scenes things, institutions are in the spotlight during this phase.

For about the affect of Neptune being in Pisces check out: http://celestialspace.wordpress.com/2011/04/03/neptune-enters-pisces-april-4th-2011/

Neptune enters the mystical waters Pisces on April 4th, 2011. The symbolism suggests we dive into the spiritual waters of the unified Self, the Oneness that underlies all of life. It’s like a symbolic Cosmic Web, shimmering gold and full of life. One strand sends out a ripple, and one small ripple influences the whole. Care we must for All beings upon the planet.

Neptune is comfortable in the sign of Pisces, so this symbolic partnership is valuable and can be easy to consciously flow with. Here we receive an opportunity to understand and remember what love without strings or conditions is all about. To listen to the ageless and timeless wisdom within the heart and use that wisdom in our daily life. Yet, this is the very thing people tend to shun because it is irrational, risky and vulnerable all because one can’t control it. This renders the person feeling out of their comfort zone. Neptune in Pisces invites all of us to genuinely feel the love that we are, that is available to us from the Cosmos and Life itself. To then seek to express that love in all that we do. As with any outer planet transit, the effects and changes are long-term and world-wide.

Neptune in Pisces Potential:
What are things to focus upon while Neptune transits through Pisces? Spirituality, water or waterways, art, photography, writing (poems, channeling etc.), music, fashion, oil, drugs and alcohol, private behind the scenes things, institutions are in the spotlight during this phase.

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312 March 12: politicalastrology.com on the history of Saturn in Romney’s life

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Mitt Romney and a History of Saturn: Part I

Posted by on Thursday, June 30 2011

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the current frontrunner in the Republican presidential nomination contest. How did he get to where he is, and what might his past say about his future? I propose a key planet to understanding Mitt Romney’s life is through the transits of Saturn. Saturn makes one full return every 29-30 years, a half return every 14-15 years, and a quarter return about every 7 years. In this first part, I will be solely concentrating on the Saturn transits to the position of his natal Saturn from his birth to the present day. In the second part, I will be showing other assorted Saturn transits in Mitt Romney’s life that speak to other aspects of his career, and hopefully will confirm, augment and complement the findings here.

Saturn 2 Leo 1947: “Miracle Baby”

Mitt Romney was born at 9:51 am on March 12th 1947 in Detroit, Michigan to George and Lenore Romney. George Romney was a rising star in the automotive industry at the time who would later go on into politics and even run for President. George Romney sensed something special about the child, as his wife Lenore had been told by doctors a few years before that she would not be able to have any more children, but she had faith. Up until the time of birth the health of the mother was in doubt, but mother and child ended up fine. In his proud announcement to his employees. George and Lenore would refer to their new son as their “miracle baby”. Romney was born with Saturn at 2 Leo, while it was anti-culminating on the IC. Saturn is the planet of ambition, struggle, responsibility and interestingly enough, father figures. The IC is a point of focus for the family and homelife. Saturn also rules the opposite end of the IC, the Midheaven, which is a point of focus for one’s career and reputation. As we will see, Mitt Romney’s career has been inextricably linked to his father and his family, something which Mitt Romney himself has always talked about.

For more of the article on the History of Saturn in Romney’s Political life, check out politicalatrology.com: