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313: Christopher Robert Taylor: Sovereign Harmony

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Born March 13, 1979, Mr Taylor explores the possibilities of some long ignored potential past-life experiences. Mr Taylor’s Natal Chart was featured in an article that he authored by Evolutionary Astrologer, Maurice Fernandez on the topic of reincarnation with regards to astrological theory and consciousness. His article, The Evolution of Consciousness through Reincarnation, was featured in his Major Sky magazine publication in May 2008. If you are interested in reading the article, below is a link to the PDF (the article starts on page 15). –  Major Sky – May 2008 – by Maurice Fernandez

Mr Taylor’s practice focusses on advising individuals, business owners and community leaders. He blends his inner intuition with his well developed outer logic. He approaches speaking engagements and consultations with empathyand compassion while remaining helpfully objective and honest.


Mr Taylor’s goal is to assist individuals, business owners and community leaders in aligning with their inner truthby utilizing an array of both ancient and modern tools and technology. He provides  clients with a thorough and comprehensive look at themselves in a personal and customized way with the goal of finding  their unique wholeness. He takes  time to ensure that his engagements are 100% unique to his clients.  He looks forward to assisting  on them own personal journey and is grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Mr Taylor is  a ‘truth finder’  and he assists individuals, business owners and community leaders in discovering and aligning with their truest intentions byassisting them in releasing from their self-imposed prisons (i.e. mental limitations).

Mr Taylor assists clients on a path toward wholeness and conscious thriving while steering them away from operating habitually through fragmentedunconscious reaction patterns. He calls it like he  see it.