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313: Jamie Dimon is optimistic about Donald Trump

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JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon seems hopeful that better times for the economy lie ahead under President-elect Donald Trump.  “The U.S. economy may be building momentum,” Dimon said. “Looking ahead there is opportunity for good, rational and thoughtful policy decisions to be implemented, which would spur growth, create jobs for Americans across the income spectrum and help communities.”Dimon didn’t mention Trump by name or cite specifics about the possibility of Trump and the Republican-led Congress unwinding some of President Obama’s financial reforms

Answering a question from CNNMoney, Dimon said he was not overly worried about Trump’s attacks against companies for doing business in Mexico or about his protectionist rhetoric — even though JPMorgan Chase does business around the globe.

Dimon said he’s putting aside the Trump one-liners and is “comforted” that Trump has put “professionals” in the administration such as treasury nominee Steven Mnuchin, a former Goldman Sachs exec, billionaire investor Wilbur Ross for commerce secretary and former ExxonMobil (XOM) CEO Rex Tillerson for secretary of state.




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January 27, 2017 at 7:39 am

An Astrological Look At the First Two Years of The Trump Presidency

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From an astrological standpoint, Saturn has moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius which explains the reduction of John Boehner, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton in political power. All of whom are Scorpios. Donald Trump is a Gemini which is adverse to Sagittarius. The universe has selected Donald Trump to counterbalance the winds of Saturn in Sagittarius. He will likely face a lot of conflict the next two years. His voice is likely to become severely weakened after Saturn moves into Capricorn in December 2017.

I also find it fascinating that Hilary’s birthday is 10/26 and Melania’s birthday is 4/26. They are complete opposite poles of the zodiac.

When Uranus enters Taurus in May of 2018, Melania may be better prepared to deal with those headwinds. Look for her to take on a bigger role as Urnanus enters Taurus and her 70 year old husband ages.

Do not be surprised if you see significant conflict between Melania Trump and fellow Taurus Mark Zuckerberg. Melania has already vowed to make online bullying on social media her top priority as First Lady.

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December 3, 2016 at 1:52 am

313: Jamie Dimon on Trump Victory

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JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon sent a memo to his staff urging his team to “listen” to the voices of the people that have elected Donald Trumpand voted for Brexit.

He says leaders in the public and private sector need to work together to find solutions for more people.

Read the full memo below:

We are going through a period of profound political and economic change around the world, and American citizens showed that deep desire for change in voting to elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. We have heard through democratic processes in both Europe and the United States the frustration that so many people have with the lack of economic opportunity and the challenges they face. We need to listen to those voices.

We have just been through one of the most contentious elections in memory, which can make it even harder to put our differences aside. But that makes it more important than ever to bind the wounds of our nation and to bring together Americans from all walks of life. Recognizing that our diversity is a core strength of our nation, we must all come together as fellow patriots to solve our most serious challenges.

Leaders from across the public, private and nonprofit sectors need to collaborate to find


Bottom of Form

America is best when we come together with clear leadership, expertise and the political will to take on difficult challenges and get things done. No one should ever doubt the strength and resilience of our country and our democracy.

JPMorgan Chase has a proud history of supporting our communities and our countries. Through your outstanding efforts, we have built a great company that will continue to thrive — as we continue to focus on helping to serve our clients and communities. We will also continue to help address the important public policy issues of the day and the underlying economic challenges throughout the world.

I’m optimistic about America’s future and the role our company will continue to play as we help the nation address our challenges and move forward together.


See http://www.cnbc.com/2016/11/09/jamie-dimon-memo-on-donald-trumps-victory.html

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November 9, 2016 at 6:31 pm

OHA on The Revolution in 2022

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According to Ohio Astrology:

“When the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, Pluto was in 27 degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn is hierarchy, structure, authority and order. Freedom and equality, ironically, rely on rules and laws. Anarchy is not freedom.

In the year 2022, the United States will have its Pluto return which takes approximately 247 years. That means Pluto will return to 27 degrees of Capricorn for the first time since our founding.

Pluto demands transformation and evolution and, in the case of the United States with Pluto in Capricorn, transformation of the social hierarchy and political structure. Since 1776 we have emancipated slaves, allowed women to vote and have removed many of the barriers to participating in the election cycle.”

For more of  Ohio Astrology article on “Pluto in Capricorn.”

See: https://ohioastrology.com/2016/09/26/the-evolving-american-class-system/#comment-3635

313: Detroit’s Angel: Jamie Dimon

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Part-time Angel Investor and full time J. P. Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon, has put his money where his mouth is and invested $100M in the recovering Detroit economy.


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October 4, 2016 at 7:28 am

313: Jamie Dimon Calls Hilary Clinton The Bigot She Is

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Jamie Dimon came to the defense of his fellow bankers on Monday, and went after Hillary Clinton while he was at it.Jamie Dimon said: “When people blanket a whole class of people…that’s just unfair.”


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October 4, 2016 at 7:12 am

Harenewscorp April 2016 Stock Picks

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Company name Symbol  Market cap  P/E ratio  Div yield (%)  52w price change (%)
Apple Inc. AAPL 629.31B 11.90 1.71 26.88
Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd. AGII 1.60B 9.92 1.56 12.44
B Communications Ltd BCOM 3.38B 4.65 3.98 59.11
Banco Macro SA (ADR) BMA 4.17B 11.22 0.42 8.31
Braskem SA (ADR) BAK 5.18B 6.19 5.09 78.28
Cal-Maine Foods Inc CALM 2.57B 6.94 5.42 33.68
Deutsche Lufthansa AG (ADR) DLAKY 7.33B 3.79 3.53 16.36
Everest Re Group Ltd RE 8.60B 8.94 2.33 9.26
Fidelity & Guaranty Life FGL 1.55B 10.04 1.00 11.06
Leidos Holdings Inc SAI 1.37B 6.44 2.53 20.83
Mondelez International Inc MDLZ 66.87B 9.60 1.60 13.83
Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd. MRH 1.86B 11.08 1.88 44.09
Nordic American Tanker Ltd NAT 1.28B 11.13 12.04 12.97
Phillips 66 PSX 46.53B 11.23 2.61 11.76
Selective Insurance Group SIGI 2.09B 11.25 1.70 22.46
SkyWest, Inc. SKYW 1.05B 8.96 0.83 32.10
Supermax Corporation Berhad SPMXF 1.90B 4.02 1.43 36.10
Top Glove Corporation Berhad TPGVF 6.49B 1.99 1.93 89.10
Validus Holdings, Ltd. VR 3.95B 10.78 3.03 9.80
Vanguard Utilities ETF VPU 2.39B 6.43 3.11 10.28


Harenewscorp December 2015 Stock Short Picks

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Company name Symbol  Market cap  P/E ratio  Div yield (%)  52w price change (%)
DTS Inc. DTSI 444.20M 199.22 -17.84
Examworks Group, Inc. EXAM 1.12B 224.75 -32.38
Finisar Corporation FNSR 1.31B 10,771.93 -27.48
Flotek Industries Inc FTK 626.31M 170.16 -36.38
Habit Restaurants Inc HABT 631.59M 126.61 -34.31
HomeFed Corporation HOFD 631.71M 1,584.85 -16.33
La Quinta Holdings Inc LQ 1.94B 137.87 -31.38
OraSure Technologies, Inc. OSUR 350.80M 410.16 -30.06
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. OSIR 364.90M 211.33 -17.73
Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc PCRX 2.46B 233.04 -26.40
Quidel Corporation QDEL 728.61M 598.85 -20.34
SciQuest, Inc. SQI 360.51M 517.21 -10.71
Sodastream International Ltd SODA 303.14M 298.79 -32.68
Tejon Ranch Company TRC 431.62M 137.34 -25.58
Tenet Healthcare Corp THC 3.44B 247.87 -25.28
Verint Systems Inc. VRNT 2.92B 802.14 -21.54
Veritiv Corp VRTV 622.32M 234.71 -19.49
Yahoo! Inc. YHOO 32.09B 141.08 -32.71
Yelp Inc YELP 2.28B 281.98 -45.02
iDreamSky Technology Ltd (ADR) DSKY 548.63M 531.42 -29.45


Company name Symbol  Market cap  Div yield (%)  52w price change (%)  Net profit margin (%)  Operating margin (%)  EBITDA margin (%)
Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc AGIO 2.42B -33.23 -153.66 -154.77 -150.99
Alseres Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ALSE 1.99B -62.86 -163.94 -178.12 -178.12
Amyris Inc AMRS 322.85M -28.81 -315.18 -331.06 -243.79
Arbutus Biopharma Corp ABUS 305.05M -59.40 -375.07 -615.43 -321.29
Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARNA 548.16M -44.47 -275.56 -261.69 -236.84
BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc. BDSI 319.15M -58.66 -352.67 -347.27 -340.34
Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3X Shares FAZ 302.85M -30.78 -241,061.50 -1,274.62 -1,273.26
Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X Shares TZA 403.63M -31.11 -236,108.90 -1,414.09 -1,413.10
EXACT Sciences Corporation EXAS 877.64M -61.61 -566.55 -570.23 -544.37
Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc KPTI 632.10M -58.13 -47,942.92 -48,215.00 -47,969.58
Keryx Biopharmaceuticals KERX 601.70M -62.78 -1,484.12 -1,479.47 -1,472.95
Metu Brands Inc MTOO 1.36B -37.50 -960.71 -960.71 -960.71
Organovo Holdings Inc ONVO 314.21M -45.60 -3,356.56 -3,369.58 -3,312.44
PTC Therapeutics, Inc. PTCT 1.01B -31.98 -400.02 -411.99 -404.85
PowerShares DB Com Indx Trckng Fund(ETF) DBC 2.30B -31.14 -259,462.90 -4,803.25 -4,803.25
ProShares Short SmallCap600 (ETF) SBB 314.46M -35.43 -36,218.79 -598.53 -598.53
Regulus Therapeutics Inc RGLS 530.23M -42.74 -500.71 -506.25 -392.13
Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals Inc TTPH 406.35M -55.73 -696.87 -693.81 -692.49
XenoPort, Inc. XNPT 381.14M -29.80 -253.46 -246.77 -244.99
iShares S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed (ETF) GSG 712.01M -38.66 -164,442.90 -2,352.45 -2,352.45


Harenewscorp: November 2015 Stock Short Sell List

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Company name Symbol  Market cap  P/E ratio  Div yield (%)  52w price change (%)
Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings LLC CQH 8.16B 244.04 0.42 -20.82
Clearwater Paper Corp CLW 949.95M 2,293.01 -24.56
CommVault Systems, Inc. CVLT 1.84B 164.60 -11.37
DigitalGlobe Inc DGI 1.42B 128.83 -35.73
Examworks Group, Inc. EXAM 1.19B 1,004.56 -28.41
Finisar Corporation FNSR 1.25B 10,280.70 -29.03
Flotek Industries Inc FTK 989.96M 263.53 -17.77
Grupo Televisa SAB (ADR) TV 17.97B 7,182.72 0.40 -16.69
HomeAway, Inc. AWAY 3.02B 5,758.68 -9.75
Howard Hughes Corp HHC 4.99B 357.84 -15.75
La Quinta Holdings Inc LQ 2.16B 210.86 -16.68
Mobileye NV MBLY 9.97B 830.83 -13.04
Nektar Therapeutics NKTR 1.63B 405.34 -15.21
Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc PCRX 1.87B 187.64 -54.43
Semtech Corporation SMTC 1.14B 783.25 -29.16
Verint Systems Inc. VRNT 2.97B 824.41 -14.14
Weibo Corp (ADR) WB 3.56B 16,273.58 -5.29
Yahoo! Inc. YHOO 33.12B 139.24 -23.27
Zulily Inc ZU 2.16B 204.78 -52.33
iDreamSky Technology Ltd (ADR) DSKY 520.72M 509.56 -26.99


Company name Symbol  Market cap  P/E ratio  Div yield (%)  52w price change (%)  EBITDA margin (%)  Operating margin (%)
500.com Ltd WBAI 863.53M -30.39 -20.40 -21.15
AIXTRON SE (ADR) AIXG 730.02M -50.88 -26.94 -34.45
Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ACHN 1.07B -30.93 -12,016.03 -12,097.33
Alpha Bank A.E. (ADR) ALBKY 2.02B -75.74 -36.18 -39.75
Alseres Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ALSE 1.99B -62.86 -178.12 -178.12
Cheniere Energy, Inc. LNG 11.24B -36.21 -93.25 -154.81
EXACT Sciences Corporation EXAS 926.09M -67.00 -967.86 -1,009.21
Epizyme Inc EPZM 548.45M -52.82 -599.59 -604.71
Genomic Health, Inc. GHDX 718.16M -35.67 -11.03 -13.47
Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc ICPT 3.89B -33.44 -5,707.07 -5,741.53
Jazztel plc (ADR) JAZTF 3.31B -31.64 -15.71 -60.12
Metu Brands Inc MTOO 1.36B -58.33 -1,125.66 -1,125.66
National Bank of Greece (ADR) NBG 2.87B -68.15 -23.32 -39.47
PTC Therapeutics, Inc. PTCT 884.55M -38.93 -468.83 -477.24
Pandora Media Inc P 2.65B -36.83 -10.81 -12.58
PowerShares DB Com Indx Trckng Fund(ETF) DBC 2.49B -32.62 -4,116.59 -4,116.59
Sangamo Biosciences, Inc. SGMO 527.45M -42.60 -60.74 -62.22
TrueCar Inc TRUE 513.20M -63.79 -15.13 -20.81
iShares S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed (ETF) GSG 753.51M -40.04 -2,063.28 -2,063.28


Harenewscorp: October 2015 Stock Short Sell List

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Company name Symbol  Market cap  P/E ratio  Div yield (%)  52w price change (%)
Acorda Therapeutics Inc ACOR 1.15B 111.83 -27.77
Bankrate Inc RATE 1.08B 118.04 -11.95
Cheetah Mobile Inc (ADR) CMCM 2.15B 108.14 -25.29
CommVault Systems, Inc. CVLT 1.54B 138.16 -32.96
DigitalGlobe Inc DGI 1.33B 124.18 -35.04
Examworks Group, Inc. EXAM 1.16B 981.77 -15.46
Finisar Corporation FNSR 1.18B 9,780.70 -35.52
HomeAway, Inc. AWAY 2.51B 4,791.59 -24.91
Howard Hughes Corp HHC 4.50B 322.42 -25.59
La Quinta Holdings Inc LQ 2.03B 198.34 -19.91
Laredo Petroleum Inc LPI 2.01B 94.71 -59.90
Mitel Networks Corp MITL 1.07B 1,524.25 -13.13
Mobileye NV MBLY 9.77B 814.93 -20.29
Nektar Therapeutics NKTR 1.42B 359.50 -16.20
PMC-Sierra Inc PMCS 1.33B 403.05 -16.64
Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc PCRX 1.54B 390.41 -57.28
Ruckus Wireless Inc RKUS 1.02B 150.03 -14.93
Verint Systems Inc. VRNT 2.60B 732.22 -25.52
Weibo Corp (ADR) WB 2.42B 11,066.04 -41.49
Zulily Inc ZU 2.17B 206.48 -55.23


Company name Symbol Currency  Market cap  P/E ratio  Div yield (%)  52w price change (%)  Gross margin (%)  EBITDA margin (%)  Operating margin (%)  Net profit margin (%)
Alpha Bank A.E. (ADR) ALBKY $ 1.58B -81.26 -36.18 -39.75 -13.64
Alseres Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ALSE $ 1.99B -60.00 -178.12 -178.12 -163.94
InterOil Corporation (USA) IOC $ 1.66B -41.05 -405.67 -412.33 -571.31
Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc ICPT $ 3.90B -34.13 -5,707.07 -5,741.53 -5,679.05
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. LXRX $ 1.04B -2.38 -342.20 -403.00 -413.73
MannKind Corporation MNKD $ 1.28B -48.68
National Bank of Greece (ADR) NBG $ 1.63B -82.31 -23.32 -39.47 -5.71
Ophthotech Corp OPHT $ 1.31B -5.99 -61.34 -61.98 -87.64
PowerShares DB Com Indx Trckng Fund(ETF) DBC $ 2.46B -36.35 -4,116.59 -4,116.59 -4,116.59 -212,924.10