The Ides of March

About Harnenewscorp and its Publisher

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Harenewscorp is an organic publication whose mission is both a response to the inorganic nature and operations of Newscorp but also a desire to view contemporary world events through the lens of the age we have been living in for over 2000 years: The Age of Pisces. The Publisher and President of Harenewscorp conceived of its mission with no clear and distinct direction or orientation of  its publication other than that he disagreed with a lot of the opinions and articles espoused by Newscorp,  and that he also happend to share its Chairman and CEO’s birthday.

Besides being the the son of a journalist like Mr Murdoch, the publisher and Mr. Murdoch and also share the same birthday. Unlike Mr. Murdoch, the publisher and President of Harenewscorp was born in the cradle of Western democracy: Philadelphia. He is basically your garden variety 5′ 10″ pisces-eldest son from a nonreligous old Philadelphia family on the Main Line who is over-educated far beyond his intelligence . He is warm, generous, understanding, laid back guy with a little bit of a broodish edge and a good sense of style. His only exceptional talent  is his taste of music, film and other mediums of expression — journalism however not being one of those mediums.  He has infrequently been accused of  being funny and it has recently been suggested he return to  broadcast radio which he engaged in during his untutored youth.  However, that suggestion was several months ago and no one has bothered to follow up with any further encouragement. He loves to read and write but is  by no means banking on the book deal with Simon and Schuster to finance his retirement.  That said, he is looking to solicit a following of readers large enough to pay for his own  Starbux habit and possibly that of a loved one or two. So thank you for reading his blog and Good Luck in all your endeavors and God Bless.


Written by harenews

December 4, 2010 at 3:38 pm

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