The Ides of March

Jupiter in Taurus blows wind in Santorum’s Sails.. but how long will it last

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Santorum picked up delegates from Missouri, Colorado, and Minnesota due in part to increased donations by wealthy Conservative contributors, but also due in part because this is his year the year of the bull. Right now, Jupiter and the Sun are in two of Santorum’s signs: Taurus and Aquarius, respectively. Rick Santorum’s sun is in Taurus sun and his moon is in Aquarius, both fixed signs. Santorum has that fixed sign ability to grind it out and and stay on message. Fixed signs are determined yet fatally stubborn at times.

However, in six days the campaign shifts into the month of Pisces: the sphere of Romney.  Super-Tuesday is on March 6 and Romney’s birthday is March 12. Romney needs to win and win big .

With Jupiter staying in Santorum’s sign of Taurus until June 10th.  Santorum needs to minimize the damage during the Super-Tuesday primaries and run the table in April and May.  If the primaries don’t dertermine a nominee by the convention,  it is doubtful  the convention will  bode well for Mr Santorum.

Prediction: If Gingrich decides to run as a third-party canidate in the general election, and there is some kind of  macro-geo-political event that destabilizes and confuses the American mindset.  Look for Gingrich to respond quickest and with most compelling message.  Because after June 10th Jupiter will be in his sign: Gemini.


Written by harenews

February 13, 2012 at 11:13 pm

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