The Ides of March

Pisces Sun Moon in Virgo

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The combination of a Sun sign in Piscews and a  Moon sign in Virgo produces a personality
blending emotional
sensitivity and intuitive understanding with the Virgo traits of discrimination,
intellectuality and practicability. These folks are at their best in mental analysis,
constructive criticism and common sense decisions. They have  discriminating mind
and tends to exert a stabilizing influence.  There is a harmonious compatibiltiy
of both the intuitive and practical which makes their intuitions,
feelings and impressions about things useful in practical affairs. They have a
deep sense of the truth and an ability to face facts. This is a combination that
depends heavily on discrimination and analytical insights into affairs; they  are
versatile, flexible and highly adaptable, and they have the innate
ability to keep their mind on whatever  they are doing. While they  may have serious
and considerable ambition, they  don’t seem to take themselves  too seriously. They
do best in professions that don’t demand much in the way of exercising
authority. Efficiency and precision are the keynotes of their nature and their mind.

They have little difficulty guiding their activity to avoid mistakes and
unnecessary errors. Particular and somewhat fastidious, they  show good taste in
dress as well as in their choice of words. Happiness depends on maintaining
balance between the emotional and mental sides of  their nature, avoiding the
tendency to alternate between sympathy and coolness of response. They do
things quietly and with little fuss, stressing conscientiousness and a subdued
conviction.  They  live sanely and calmly, achieving success through the exercise
of intelligence.

Written by harenews

October 4, 2011 at 12:41 am

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