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OH Astrology on Rick Perry

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Ohio Astrology’s first thought on Rick Perry was “Why isn’t he working in a hospital?”

Sun in Pisces and Saturn conjunct moon in Virgo is an individual concerned with health, mental and physical. That Saturn on the moon opposite the sun makes me wonder if his mother or other female family member wasn’t chronically ill and demanding of Perry’s attention for care.

I went to Wikipedia and learned that Perry studied animal science then went to work in cotton farming with his father. I bet Perry wanted to be a veterinarian.

I have advice for Perry – don’t run for president of the United States.

If you see Perry sit him down with a cup of chamomile (other beverages probably upset his stomach) and explain the difference between:

  1. Helping people
  2. Being president of the United States

Perry, with his Piscean naiveté probably believes these two activities to be the same.

If Perry wants to help people heal or grow, as he might have done with a family member, he should choose a different vocation. I have some ideas:

  1. Surgeon General (if he insists on being in government)
  2. A new federal position I call Veterinarian General to work on the protection and care of the nation’s animals
  3. Veterinarian
  4. Doctor or nurse
  5. Head of a non-profit health organization
  6. Business owner of health/spirituality product
  7. Massage therapist
  8. Marriage or family counselor
  9. Dietician

For more from the article check out Ohio Astrology’s site at:  http://ohioastrology.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/rick-perry-for-surgeon-general/

Written by harenews

September 23, 2011 at 11:11 am

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