The Ides of March

2011: Year of the Rabbitt According to Suzanne White

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The Chinese New Year begins on February 3rd this year, and runs through January 22nd, 2012. According to Suzane White,

In Rabbit years, life slows down. After the tumultuous and difficult Tiger year we lived through (or didn’t) in 2010,  we all need to decelerate. Nature must have planned it. Give people a horrible Tiger year,  full of war and pestilence, struggle, strife and illness. Then tender them a whole year to recover.

So let’s think of the Metal Rabbit Year as a 12 month long convalescent home for us troubled soldiers and hopeless cases. A recovery sanatorium for the unemployed and the over extended. Enter this Rabbit year on crutches and you will be comforted and cajoled, fed and clothed and perhaps even given a smashing new job.

Rabbits, you may remember, are sometimes called Cats. It depends on the culture. Vietnamese and some other small Asian countries use the Cat symbol. China uses Rabbit.

Whichever name you give to this peculiarly refined and prosperous sign, people born in Rabbit years are : discreet, virtuous, sociable, tactful, sensitive, companionable, solicitous, ambitious, prudent, tradition-bound and hospitable.

The bad news is that Rabbit people are also quite old-fashioned, a bit pedantic,  thin-skinned, devious, aloof, secretive, squeamish  and ever so hypochondriacal.

The Rabbit character is an odd mix. Rabbits are cautious, family-oriented stay-at-homes. They love their interiors, adore puttering in their gardens and enjoy inviting small groups of well-brought up people to share tea, cucumber sandwiches and Scrabble. They despise conflict, prefer to do things in their own private space and remain above and outside of the madding crowd. You won’t catch many Rabbits boogying down at the local after hours club. Too  many germs and noise.

So what does this Metal Rabbit year have in store for us Earthlings? Read more @Suzzane White’s column @ Astrology.com:




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September 21, 2011 at 11:36 am

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